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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sophie Cosmetics Haul

Yaaay! My Sophie goods have finally arrived! I've been waiting for these for 4 days; shipment got delayed because of the bad weather, but anyhoo, I'm just glad it's here :)

I was a little bit bummed though coz there were some unserved orders which I was really looking forward to especially the SAS Extreme Effect Mascara and the Glamorous Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner (I've been wanting to grow my hair long again). Out of stocks daw. Well I guess I'd just have to wait for those to be in stock again, or better yet, shop for another brand! Hehehe.

In case you don't know, Sophie (Martin Paris) is a direct-selling company which started in Indonesia. They recently opened a branch in the Philippines (Manila) and a couple Business Centers in Cebu. About a year ago I decided to become a member of Sophie Martin because I really like their products. Their main products actually are bags and wallets which are designed by French designers. I was also attracted by their beauty line and I thought I'd give it a try. I might also be opening an online shop for their products soon so watch out for it! :)

So anyway, this is actually my second haul. The first one was like a year ago and it was mostly on bags and skin care, less on cosmetics. For this second haul I decided to concentrate more on the cosmetics and try out their make up, which are all from the Koshize brand. So I'm just gonna show them all to you guys and I'll just do a separate post for the review.

Okay so first I bought their Perfect Skin Daily Foaming Cleanser (for acne prone skin) which is also the one that I've been looking forward to in this package. Although I don't have acne/pimples, I realize that it's good to use this type of facial cleanser since it's anti-bacterial and can prevent the formation of breakouts. Prevention is better than cure ;)

I also included their Facial Cleansing Pad which is made of silicon. It has these tiny bumps on one side which acts like a gentle facial scrub to help clear up the pores and remove blackheads and dead skin cells. I think both are a really great pair.

We all know that foundation or face powder is the very basic make up. It helps keep our face looking fresh and shine free. I really like the T-zone Compact powder that I purchased from them last year so I decided to try out their Liquid Foundation and Silk Loose Powder as well.

I also decided to give their unique Blush On a try. I find it unique (in terms of look and packaging) because instead of the usual packed powder, it's in the form of small pearls. You'd have to be very careful though when opening it coz the 'pearls' might fall off. That's actually what happened when I opened it, that's why you can see that some of the pearls are broken. Oh well!

I also got their Tester Lipsticks (Koshize & Kluge brands) which as you can see are very very tiny, but are really great for testing out different lip colors. I'm surely gonna be showing swatches on my review.

Another thing that I got is one of their Sophie Lipsticks and it's called Velvet Nude, which is a gorgeous nude color. And oh, it smells like donuts ^_^

Then I got a Koshize Eye Liner Pencil in brown, a Koshize Lip Liner in red, and a Koshize Eye Brow Pencil in black.

Next is their [2] Phase Make-Up Remover. Well, any make-up enthusiast gotta have a make-up remover, right?

I also bought their Fairness Daily Sunblock in SPF 30. I don't really use a daily sunblock before but I realized now that it's quite important to use sunblock everyday especially if you're always exposed to the sun and most importantly that it's very hot these days. We don't want those premature wrinkles!

So the last but definitely not the least that I bought is their Eye Pen Liner. I saved this for last because it's my favorite! It's a felt tip eyeliner, and it's kind of like a liquid eyeliner but it has a different 'concept', so to say. I think the best thing to describe this is by what it's called --- it's a Pen Liner. It has the same concept as your regular sign pen but you use this for the eyes instead. So you don't need to dip a wand unto a liquid eyeliner; this Eye Pen Liner already functions like a pencil eyeliner except that it gives you a liquid eyeliner finish.

Well I guess that all! And as I mentioned, once I'd be able to try them I'll be writing a review on these goodies on a different blog post.

So I hope you guys like this post and I'll talk to you soon!


Kamila said...

that's good stuffs...
i've never been interestted to cosmetics and girly stuffs... and i think I'll learn a lot from your blog..well.. looking forward to see your reviews on it...

Anna Luisa said...

nice entry! :)
just trying to see what people thought of Sophie Martin Paris cosmetics. Although this was just a haul, seeing the actual products have helped me. Thanks! :)

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