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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Close Up White Now Toothpaste - A Review

(Pre-Script: I'm sorry if you guys can't see the photos. I can't either :( I don't know why. It was fine the first time I uploaded them but after a few days they just went MIA. Unfortunately, I can't retrieve them anymore coz I already deleted them and I have no back-up. Anyway, I still stand by my review and I'm not going to delete this post just because the photos are broken. Hope you guys still find this review helpful.)

So I've seen this ad about Close Up White Now toothpaste that promises instant white teeth after just one brushing. I was intrigued since I've always been wanting to have pearly white teeth but I can't afford to go to the dentist. So I decided to try the Close Up White Now.

Okay, before I proceed, I would just like to apologize for posting my icky before shot :D I know it looks gross but I think I'd be giving you a better review if I'd take a before shot. So here it is...

I know! Gross! Heehee! I haven't brushed my teeth for this :D

So for the toothpaste, I used this much amount:

I know, I'm that desperate, LOL!

Here's the "after" shot after one brushing:

So! What's you're verdict? Do you think it made my teeth whiter? Hmmm...Personally? I don't. I mean, it obviously made my teeth a lot cleaner but whiter? I don't think so. I didn't really see much of a difference.

So in conclusion I can say that I was a bit disappointed with the Close Up White Now toothpaste. It said in the package that it could make my teeth whiter in just one brushing but it didn't. I'm still gonna continue using it though in the hope that it can whiten my teeth with continued use.

So how about you guys? Have you tried using Close Up White Now? Let me know how it went for you. I would love to hear your reviews!

Till next time!


me said...

can you post something on removing scars? thanks!!!!

veroniz said...

@me, okay i'll try. will do my research first :)

Kamila said...

Yoy.. i can't see the pictures.... but anyway.. advertisements always fail... that's why I doubt any product without a review... such nice introduction but equals FAIL.

veroniz said...

@Kamila, sorry you can't see the pictures. maybe there was a problem with the connection or site or something. anyway, yeah i agree with you. most advertisements equals fail. it's a shame that some of us (like me, hehe) fall for it and realize later that the product doesn't work as it promised.

Anonymous said...

Where can you buy this in the US?

Anonymous said...

do you know where they sell close up white now toothpaste? thank you

veroniz said...

@Anonymous, I'm not sure if it's available in the US but if it is then I think you can easily buy it in the groceries/supermarket

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