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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Review on Koshize, Kluge, and Sophie Velvet Nude Lipsticks

Hi everyone! So here is my review on the lipsticks that I had on my Sophie Cosmetics Haul post. As you can remember, I bought the tester/sample kits of Koshize and Kluge lipsticks and a Sophie lipstick in Velvet Nude. So just an overview, so far I'm really liking the lipsticks and their colors. I think all colors are wearable, depending on your taste of course.

The only thing that I don't like is the smell of the Kluge lipsticks. They don't smell awful or bad at all but they kinda smell like scented ballpens, like those really cheap ones that I once used when I was still in grade school. Yeah, those ballpens. Hehehe! The smell kinda hurts my nose. But apart from that, I can say that they are good lipsticks.

My favorite is the Sophie Velvet Nude lipstick. I'm really into nude or natural lip colors so it suits very well for me. It's also kinda matte but not too much, which I also like.

Okay, before I start, I must tell you guys that although I use daytime lighting for the photos, it may still have washed the colors out so it may appear a little lighter than actual.

So to begin with the review, I'm going to start with the Koshize Lipsticks. Below are the swatches. Their names (or codes) are, from left to right: LK9, LK19N, LK11N, LK23N, and LK10N. Can you guess which one's my favorite? Yup, LK19N. Hee hee.

Here's how they look on my lips:

So as you can see the LK9 is the most intense color, it's kind of like a ruby red. Then LK23N is the next intense which is a lovely bloody red color. LK10N is more of like a cherry red color which I also like. The 'palest' of them all is the LK19N. This color is perfect for very intense eye make-up such as smokey eyes. LK19N is my most favorite which is kind of like a nude pink color. I also like LK11N coz it has just the right amount of red and pink to it.

These Koshize lipsticks are very smooth to apply on the lips. They're not of matte texture so you won't be needing lipgloss over it. As for how long they last, they're okay. They're not really like one of those long-wearing lipsticks but they also don't don't wear out that easily.

So moving on to Kluge lipsticks, below are the swatches. Their names (or codes), from left to right: LKL13, LKL16, LKL21, LKL22, and LKL24. As you can see, the colors are more on the lighter/softer side. My favorite is the LKL24. It's almost like a nude pink color, just like LK19N from Koshize.

Here's how they look on my lips. As you can see, all the colors are very similar.

LKL13 is very glossy, it kinda has a light reflecting property to it which can make your lips look very very pale. I think this lip color is best if you have dark skin, it would really make your lips stand out. LKL16 and LKL21 are very very similar, it's hard to distinguish one from the other. On the other hand, LKL22 and LKL24 are very opposite. LKL22 is a soft cherry lip color while LKL24 is a nude pink color.

So far I really like these colors but as I mentioned, I don't like the smell. Ugh! They smell too sweet I guess, it really hurts my nose. In terms of how long they last, they're pretty much the same as the Koshize lipsticks, not really one of those long wearing lipsticks but good enough. These Kluge lipsticks by the way are very glossy and so smooth to apply. Again, no need to apply lip gloss over it.

Finally, my personal favorite so far -- the Sophie Lipstick in Velvet Nude. I'm really into matte, nude lipsticks so I really like this particular one. And it's not a pale nude but has a touch of coral into it so it doesn't make your lips too pale. I think this is one of those lipsticks that you can just put on when you're running for an errand, etc. where you don't have any foundation or any other make-up on your face.

Here's the swatch:

And here's how it looks on my lips:

As you can see, the color is really natural looking. I love it! :)

So I guess that's all for my review guys. Hope you find this very helpful. 'Kay so I'll talk to you soon. Bye!


Kamila said...

Gusto ko nude lipsticks... hmmm.... not really fan of lipstick though... x)

nicaxandy said...

@Kamila, hehehe! I also like nude lipsticks. And I love lipsticks in general. I think those are the most that I have in my make-up collection, LOL!

Pretty Little Liars said...

all colors perfectly suits on your lips, but I like the nude lipsticks more than anything else.

egG. said...

bagay sayo yung red lipstick yung LK23N heheh napacomment lang :)

nicaxandy said...

@Pretty Little Liars, me too! nude lipcolors are my favorite. It just gives the lips a more natural look :)

nicaxandy said...

@egG, ay ganun po ba? I never really thought about it. hehehe. sige i'll wear that color one day when I just have a subtle eye make up^^

helen said...

i love this nude shade on the last pic. i think it's all fabulous. nice lip shape, by the way! :-) where do we get to buy and how much is it?

veroniz said...

@helen, Thanks! Are you referring to the Sophie Lipstick in Velvet Nude? I love it too! It's my favorite hehehe! You can buy this lipstick from any Sophie Martin dealer. It costs PhP79.00. Actually, you can buy it from me since I'm a dealer too, but if you live outside Cebu you would have to shoulder the shipping fees. But I'm sure you can find Sophie Dealers in your place :)

helen said...

oh goodie, i like! affordable, even. do you have something a little more orangey than the nude shade? i have this thing for orange, really. i'll find a Sophie Dealer here then.

nicaxandy said...

@helen, I'm not quite sure for Sophie Lipsticks but Kluge carries an orange colored lip gloss (in a tube). It's item code is: LGSJO

They do have an online catalog :) Here's the link:

You may scroll on the pages or just go directly to pages 110-111. That's where you can find the orange Kluge lip gloss. Sophie Lipsticks are at pages 106-107. At the bottom of their website there's a field that displays the page number. You can click on it to edit it :)

Hope you can find what you're looking for! :)

helen said...

haha yummy. nica thanks talaga for taking time to educate me on these. i'm completely preppy. even though i like taking pictures of myself, i don't really know much about makeup. would love to learn more. LOL. maybe you have posts on lip color and nail art basics? :-)

nicaxandy said...

you're welcome helen! it's my pleasure helping the other ladies about make up and other girly stuff ^^ although i'm not really a professional but i do love to share what i learn :) i'll try to do a post about lip colors and nail art basics :)

Ruby said...

LK10 looks nice. i'm into more of the orangey lipstick color XD btw, wer can u buy these stuff? are all these from sophie? would want to try it out :D

veroniz said...

@Ruby, yup, all of these are from Sophie. You can buy Sophie products from any Sophie authorized dealers and members. Actually you can also buy it from me since I'm an authorized dealer. But you can find someone at your area for your convenience :) You may also want to look at their online catalog for more products :)

Unknown said...

mm, i like the velvet nude XD super :)

nicaxandy said...

@Cheen, me too! Of all nude lipsticks that I've tried, this is the best so far. It's not too pale and matches any skin color :)

Maria Rizalina said...

hey visiting you from a new blog!

i love this review, you make me wanna buy them? btw where did you get the Koshize and Kluge samplers, are they the same as sophie's?

nicaxandy said...

@mary, yup the samplers are from Sophie :)

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